Edited Music For A Moon (Inspired Music from Avatar: Initium)
Released 2014
Genre Soundtrack
Soundtrack chronology
Avatar: Remixes

Each volume is broken up in detailing the universe of characters, stories, and the enviroment. Each track represent something that reminds you of the universe.

Track listing Edit

Volume I: Welcome to PandoraEdit

Volume I represents music in a wide scope from personal characters and the imagination of stories and enviroments that interweaved throughout the three years. The first seven tracks are a presentation of the the universe.

# Track Name Length
1. "Intro (To Pandora)" 4:04
2. "Are You Dreaming Yet?" 13:42
3. "Leaving To The Forest (End of The Earth Reconstruction)" 8:05
4. "Making The Bond"  ?:??
5. "Finding A Way"  ?:??
6. "The Wait Between Two Worlds"  ?:??
7. "Futurescape"  ?:??

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