RDA issued knife Edit

RDA Handgun Edit

RDA revolver Edit

SN-9 Wasp Edit

GS-221 Modular Edit

GS-221 (PDW) Edit

GS-221 assault rifle Edit


Civilian CARB rifle (Civilian-legal GS-221 assault rifle) Edit

IBSF Assault rifle Edit

Barro Assault Rifle Edit

XA-4 ARGO Edit


SRS-72M1AI Edit

Solaris III battle rifle Edit

Solaris heavy assault rifle Edit

Phalanx shotgun Edit

RDA shotgun Edit

Modular 20mm launcher Edit

M-222 Grenade launcher Edit

Crusher grenade launcher Edit

GS-221 Light machine gun (support weapon) Edit

Solaris IV Light machine gun Edit

Nail Gun Edit

DENT Machine gun Edit

Buele machine gun Edit

M-60 general-purpose machine gun Edit

MBS-9 'Hydra' Heavy machine gun Edit

Gattling gun Edit

GAU-90 30mm canon Edit

FD-3 Edit

FD-11 Edit

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