Horatti Geyeta is a composer, born on Earth in 2079 in the megacity of New Rji of the Republic of Japan. He is most famous for his piece Horatii's Theory on Paradise, a musical movement created after the discovery of Pandora. It became instrumental in giving visions of what this strange new world had to offer when the first probes were sent. Many of his fans regarded this piece as an anthem of the new alien world.

He created a second movement in honor of humanity stepping foot on Pandora and establishing a colony, named Horatti's Eden Rising. However, not as famous as his first movement, the song became more popular upon the advent of the Avatar Program and it's usage as a signature of being played during training by many of the avatar drivers in simulations.

Horatti died shortly after the completion of the second movement from a stroke. Today, his music is widely regarded as opening the imaginations of a younger generation to go and explore Pandora. One of whom was Dr. Grace Augustine who, while not young, utilized the first movement in her class on Pandora for the Na'vi to listen to.

Recently, a more popularized version of Horatii's Theory on Paradise was remixed by composer and mechanical engineer, Atticus Sor, titled amply Horatti's Theory on Paradise (Eaten By Pandora Remix).