Note: This article discusses openly on the sexuality surrounding the Na'vi. If you wish not to continue reading, please return to the prievous page.

The Na'vi have a complex sexuality that shares some similarities with humans but is also completely different in many ways. Scientists on Pandora have delved into the research behind the sexuality of the first sentient alien species, from which they've concluded that much about sexuality is hardly a fascination amongst the Na'vi, but serves as an important tool in deciphering what the Na'vi are as a species and a civilization.

The Na'vi are monogamous creatures who mate for life. The mechanics of reproduction are similar to that of humans and other Terran mammals. However, their unique physiology provides the Na'vi with a level of intimacy unknown on Earth. Cultural xenologists believe that when an appropriate mate has been selected (which can take many years), the male and female Na'vi will connect queues in an act called tsaheylu to create an emotional bond that lasts a lifetime. The intertwining of queues is both highly erotic and profoundly spiritual, but does not in itself lead to reproduction.

Traditionally, once a Na'vi youngling has passed the Rite of Passage on the path to adulthood and has been accepted into the clan as an adult, he or she is not only allowed to make their bow from the wood of the Hometree, but they are also expected to choose their mate. After a mate has been chosen, the new couple are mated before Eywa.

However it is also known that several adults go unmated after completing the rite of passage for several reasons. Most notably, they wish not to have a mate at the time.

Once tsaheylu is made between the couple, the ultimate in intimacy, pleasure that is unfathomable to humans, causes the somewhat unwillful sharing of the couple's good memories, and is a sign of Eywa's acceptance. If a couple can be foreseen to not have a pleasant or happy future, Eywa has been known to reverse the feeling produced by making tsaheylu, a sign to the couple that mating would only, in simple words, ruin their lives together, and therefore prevents the mating, because of its lifelong span. After the resulting embracing and kissing, the couple is sent to sleep by Eywa, and the two dream hintings of their future together. The couple will experience the pleasure of tsaheylu from the moment of connection, until they awaken and have completed mating, and when they disconnect and return to their clan, they are mated for life.

This article aims to expand information surrounding sexuality of the Na'vi of both genders, to greatly understand that of first sentient species outside of Earth.


The male gender of the Na'vi plays many of the same mechanics as in humans but differs on a variety of issues including the physiology. To begin with, the identity of the gender is neutral when it comes to laborous tasks such as hunting or weaving, to this degree, one should not be surprise to even see a male member of a clan to take on roles that are percieved are female roles in human society, such as prievously stated; weaving and child rearing or painting.

As for the physiology make up of a male Na'vi, many aspects that are commonly found in human males is in some respect the same with the Na'vi. However, in which hormones plays a role in the genders of humans, it does not here. In fact, hormones do not exist in Na'vi. The closest and possibly substitute chemical compound that scientist have discovered that is in some way relatable to hormones is called "catechnograde-14" for males and "catechnograde-51" in females.

Once a young Na'vi boy begins producing the catechnograde-14, their bodies undergo a physiological transformation similar to that of puberty. They have a bigger build in muscle tone as well as voice changes, but the most important aspect is perhaps the complex neural pathway that develops, becoming incredibly sensitive that the Na'vi now have the ability to bond with other Na'vi. Prior to this change, their queue would not have been able to do this, except to make bonds with either flora or fauna that do not have complex neural pathways of their own.

The other aspect to this change also includes the genitalia. The male genitalia of the Na'vi functions the same as a human, but functions slightly different from that of the human counterpart of the genitalia. Rather than of a genitalia outside the body like that of humans, Na'vi male genitalia is within the body, protected by a thin layer of fat. Once a male becomes excited, the muscles supporting the genitalia becomes engorged with blood which causes the genitalia to literally be pushed out from the folds of the protective covering.

At this point, it is now fully erect and ready for intercourse.

The mechanics of the genitalia at this point is the same as that of humans. Orgasm can only be achieved when the male feels through the bond that the female will orgasm, once she orgasms, he too will follow it. Then the genitalia will retreat back into the folds. The only difference is that the male Na'vi do not have to wait between intervals to experience a second or even a third orgasm. No one knows for sure why this is possible or what purpose it serves.


As with gender identities, a female Na'vi within a clan is considered an equal amongst all activities, including a clan leader. It is not an odd sight to see a female being a leader and also a mother. Their physiological makeup and charateristics are shared with their human counterparts. They give birth to live offspring and breastfeed their young for up to four months.

An early theory among xenologists, that has now been discarded, suggested that unlike human breasts, which are necessary for breast feeding, na'vi breast is not necessary. Some believe that breast were an evolutionary fluke rather than a necessity, this is because breast are neither highly important biologically (breast feeding) or glorified in any matter within Na'vi culture. Some have concluded that breasts for a female Na'vi has only served one purposes so far but is considered controversial as no human has understood as to what exactly breasts are intended for. The only theorized reason for breasts is to attract potential mates. Much similar to that of males have a defined muscular tone body, females eons ago into their evolutionary line began growing breast as a way to show that they were fertile.

This theory has now been discarded since it is now known that Na'vi females breastfeed their children like human females do.

Once a young female Na'vi begins producing catechnograde-51, their bodies will undergo a change in their bodies as well as their voice. Stopping short at the height of nine and a half feet tall, a female Na'vi is on average strong as a male Na'vi. Some are known to be more muscular defined depending on the skills and or talents they have developed over the course of their lifetimes. Female warriors are known to be more agile, quick, and feirce in battle than say that of their male counterparts.

The female genitalia also undergoes several changes once a young female Na'vi begins to produce catechnograde-51. The most obvious instance is the ability to produce egg cells within the confines of the uterus. Unlike in humans which depend on ovaries to produce eggs, the Na'vi do not. Instead and unknowingly for humans at the moment, a Na'vi female produces an egg when she wishes to concieve. Since very little bacteria exist within the uterus and plays more in favor for their host, the uterus does not experience menstruation.

During sexual intercourse, as the young Na'vi becomes sexually excited and has bonded with their mate, the muscles of the genitalia becomes sensitive much in the same way as the clitoris for humans (since Na'vi lack one) and begins to contract around the male genitalia. Once orgasm is achieved, the muscled walls will contract heavily and in some cases even hold their mate's genitalia in place until he himself has dispensed his seed.


Typically, the duration of a Na'vi pregnancy is approximately 8 to 8.5 months. The child's body is developed at around 7 months, and the neural queue (called tswin in Na'vi) develops during months 6-8. First fetal movements usually occur around 4 to 5 months. As the child grows within the womb of a female Na'vi, she will experience unique changes such as knowing the thoughts of her child within her; despite it being primitive, thoughts are still processed to the mother, allowing her to know what the child feels. This creates a unique bond between child and mother that will last forever. Once the female has reached the peak of her pregnancy, she will endure at least one ritual (depending on the clan) in which the entire clan will unite to say blessings to the child.

There are times however that the female will go into labor far earlier than expected. It is at this point that the birth of the child is crucial as there are numerous problems that can arise. Most of the time, the child has not have their queue developed to maturity, leaving it exposed without even some resemblance of a membrane to cover it. This leaves the mother's duty to cover it with material that does not have any adverse affect to the exposed queue. She will also clean it often to ensure that it is free from infection.

On the day of the child's birth, only the female's mate and extended family will be involved. Normally, the birth will take place within the river of their clan's home or that of any fresh water. Due to the gravitational effects of Pandora, a land-born birth is often the cause of most problems for both the mother and child, leading to internal hemorrhaging or other issues related to the womb. With a water-born births, the child has an easier way of access that isn't too traumatic to the child's body as it leaves the womb. The mother will be standing in the river as she gives birth and once this is completed, will receive her child. At this point, the eldest member of the clan uses a knife to cut his own hand and smear a small droplet of his blood onto the child's chest, symbolizing that the child is now part of the clan both metaphorically through blood and physically.