Stingbat - Avatar Work Project

Stingbat - Avatar Work Project

Stingbats (Navi name: Riti) are  foul-tempered aerial predators that have a highly developed visual navigation system. Yet despite this organic "intelligence," their small brain cavity and cerebral cortex inhibits their innate survival mechanisms. Despite a constant slaughter, the creatures continue to fly into the range of automated sentry guns that defend the Hell's Gate compound.
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Their diminished cerebral capacity makes them common prey for larger predators such as banshees. But their prodigious mating habits ensure a steady population.

Relationship with Na'viEdit

Stingbats are treated almost like pets by some Na'vi despite lethal tail spines. They can be summoned by Na'vi with a clicking sound made between the tounge and teeth, to alight on one's arm or shoulder and eat fruit out of Na'vi hands.