The United Nations is a intergovernmental organization formulated in the aftermath of Earth's second world war. The entire purpose behind the United Nations was to give each government who accepted diplomatic relationship with all other governments worldwide, a voice for all to hear. After the New York City Collapse of 2078, the United Nations headquarters was moved to the European Union nation of Great Britain. It is here that the United Nations had begun establishing interstellar policies and laws under the UN branch of Interstellar Trade, Living, and Warfare.

Interstellar RegulationsEdit

Article 44Edit

Under Article 44 - 7 and in conjunction with the Interplanetary Commerce Administration, no one company or institute are allowed to establish a colony upon a world that is believed to be inhabited with any form of life, bacteria or sentient. Unless an agreement is approached by both the party and that of the UN in which any form of life will not be harmed. However on Article 44 - 7.5, if the employee's party is threatened by this said life without any aggrevation or stimulation of agitation from the party itself; then the party has the right to defend itself from that alien lifeform.

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