The Valkyrie M-TAV (Multirole Trans-Atmospher

A formation of two TAV-26 aircraft

e Vehical) 26 hammerhead, alson known as the hammerhead, or just Valkyrie 26, is an RDA designed transatmospheric multirole aircraft created to fit multi purposes. The TAV-26 seen used throughout the solar system, and limited use on Pandora in small numbers

Description Edit

Nicknamed the 'hammerhead', due to it's characteristic front wing which looks like a hammer, the TAV-26 is a multirole transatmospheric spacecraft desighed to fit all types of diffrent roles, such as a landing craft (primarly), troop and equipment transport, recon, bombing, the craft can also be used as a heavy fighter as weell, hence the weird shape of the aircraft. a specialized fighter model exists as well. The Valkyrie 26 has a loading hatch in the rear, were the troops and equipment is loaded through onto the ship. The TAV-26 can take 40 men in full battle garment and equipment. The aircraft has a crew of 3 men. a pilot, a co-pilot, and a onboard technician.

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